ISTC 674: Digital Game Based Learning 
An introduction to the use of digital games and gaming for instruction and learning. In it, students explore the theories; possibilities, considerations and constraints related to the design of instructional games, and the use of learning and commercial entertainment games in classroom and out-of-class settings. 
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ISTC 541: Foundations of Instructional Technology 
This introductory course provides an overview of the field of Instructional Technology. This course focuses on helping students to develop an awareness and understanding of the theories and philosophies driving the field. In addition, this course will explore common computer‐related technologies used within most learning environments. 
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ISTC 301: Integrating Instructional Technology
Materials, devices, techniques and settings are presented in an overview of the field of instructional technology. Laboratory experiences are provided in the operation of instructional hardware.
ISTC 301 Outline