Educational Gaming:

Game playing has become a defining feature of the younger generation of learners. My research in this area focuses on how to harness the power of digital gaming & web 2.0 tools.

Digital Games and Web 2.0 for Science and Math Learning
2009 - 12 . Research project, supported by a SSHRC standard research grant (Principal Investigator).

Can Digital Games Help Save Lives on Canadian Roads? Effectiveness of Games and Web2.0 in Enhancing Drivers’ Knowledge of Road Rule
2010 - 12 . Research project, supported by a SSHRC Image, Text, Sound & Technology (ITST) grant (Li, Principal Investigator; Richard Tay, Co Principal Investigator).

Digital Games in a Participatory Culture
2010 - 11 . Research project, supported by University of Calgary and MIT.

Technology, Math and Science

Virtual Visitation and Feminist Pedagogy: Would they make any difference?
2003 - 2006 Research project, supported by a SSHRC standard research grant (Principal Investigator).

Home of Virtual Visitation

The Effects of Technology on Mathematics Education: A Meta-Analysis.
2005 - 06 Research project, funded by Campbell Collaboration, USA (Principal Investigator).

Gender and computer-mediated communication (CMC): A meta-analysis.
2002 - 2003 Research project, supported by a small SSHRC grant - internal University of Calgary (Principal Investigator).

Best Practices in Second Language Classrooms: Languages, Culture and Technology
2004 - 05 Co-Principal Investigator. . A Research Project Funded by ACCESS research grant.

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The use of communications technologies to threaten, abuse or intimidate peers – cyberbullying – is of growing concern. My research focuses on the ethical use of technology in schools and beyond toward the prevention of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying: Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions about This Growing Problem
2005-2006 Research project, supported by a Imperial Oil MT3 Project (Principal Investigator).

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