Can Digital Games Help Save Lives on Canadian Roads?

Effectiveness of Games and Web 2.0 in Enhancing Drivers’ Knowledge of Road Rule


Road crashes are a leading cause of death and serious injury and extract a high cost from society. Considering the importance of drivers’ adequate and updated knowledge for road safety, we develop and test a game-based program to enhance players’ knowledge of the road rules. We also examine the effectiveness of “learning-as-gaming” by immersing learners in a world of pleasurable, rewarding, and engrossing action through which they learn safety rule.


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Team Members: 


 Dr. Qing Li
(Principal Investigator)
   Dr. Richard Tay
(Co-Principal Investigator)

Associate Professor
Educational Technology and Gaming


AMA/CTEP Chair in Road Safety


Chris Appleton

Chris Appleton is a MED student in the educational technology program at the University of Calgary. He grew up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia on the east coast. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, he went to work for Cape Breton University as a Distance Education program coordinator. Years later he joined the University of Calgary's Continuing Education department as their e-Learning Specialist. His passion for online learning and continuing education, coupled with the fact that he's a self-professed "video game junkie", makes this a very interesting project for him.

Faraz Bhojani My name is Faraz Bhojani and I just recently graduated from Western Canada High School. I am going to the University of Calgary this fall to begin engineering. I hope to enter into software engineering in the future to continue my passion for computer programming. I love to paint( acrylic, watercolour, spray painting ), jog, swim, pole vault, and snowboard.
  Kim Ha  
Robert Louis Robert Louis has worked professionally in the Indian E-Learning Industry for the past 8 years from 2000 onwards. Always fascinated by the use of multimedia tools and text information/education and how companies developed web based and instructor led training modules for all kinds of clients in India and globally and therefore became an instructional designer and gained immense training and exposure at the top four Elearning companies in India: NIIT, Sify, Accenture, and Deloitte. He is currently pursuing Masters (thesis based) with a specialization in Educational Technology at the University of Calgary. He has completed a Masters and Bachelors degree in Applied History and Economics respectively, from Loyola College affiliated to the University of Madras. He likes to play soccer, badminton, table tennis, and hockey.
  Steve Martin  
Shai Nathoo

My name is Shai and I am currently enrolled in the MEd program with the TESL designation at the University of Calgary. I hope to be an ESL Teacher at a Japanese university in the future. I enjoy many activities such as swimming, hiking, yoga, reading, playing video games, watching movies (especially horror and sci-fi) and looking for new things to do. I love travelling and I have been to many countries such as Cuba, Japan, England, Jamaica, Mexico, the U.S. and the Cayman Islands. I am very excited to be part of this project as I will get an excellent opportunity to work alongside some very talented individuals, gain more experience in designing games, use the knowledge I have already ascertained and implement it in a real-life situation!

  Eric Yu  

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